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Balanced YOGA

Expanded Massage and Bodywork Offerings

Massage Services, Reiki, and Acupuncture now available 7 days a week! Please contact the studio to enquire about the services and to schedule your appointment.

Mark Whitwell and the Heart of Yoga

August 15 - 17. Join Mark as he presents the principles of a personal practice to make Yoga entirely your own, efficient, powerful and safe. This is yoga adapted entirely for individual needs, age, health, body type and cultural background. This seminar is suitable for perfect beginners or experienced practitioners who wish to learn how to include the principles of Krishnamacharya into their practice and teaching.

Market Day with Mark Zedella

Saturday July 26th. Farmers Market Tour and Healthy Cooking Demonstration with Chef Mark Zedella. Cooking and eating a nourishing and delicious plant-based meal made with local food is a wonderful complement to your yoga practice or any form of exercise. Are you looking for more ways to enjoy the bounty of fresh summertime produce available locally? Join us as we walk across the street to the Clintonville Farmers Market where we will visit with the farmers and select some freshly picked produce. We’ll return to the studio for a cooking demonstration with Chef Mark showing creative ways to prepare and enjoy the local goodness from area farmers and CSA’s.

Neck and Shoulder Release with Loretta

July 26th. Would you like to relieve the tension in your neck and shoulder area? Come explore slow-moving and deep therapeutics for this sometimes painful region as well as quick fixes. Please plan to preregister for this specialty workshop.

Chanting with Joanie Delph

August 11th. Chanting, often considered the oldest form of yoga, is a powerful practice to aid in ‘slipping’ us into the present moment, as well as shifting our vibrations into a higher state. Join Joanie Delph for Mantra exploration and chanting, starting with a balanced approach for the divine “OM:” the healingTryambakam; depression-combative Hare Krishna; and several more including a small introduction to the heart-opening Hanuman Chalisa, The class will end with two favorite Shanti (Peace) mantras.

yoga for "getting over it" with Lisa Kirchner

August 10th. What are you holding onto that's no longer serving you? Have you asked yourself "What would I do if I wasn't afraid?" In this workshop we'll ask the big questions, and answer them with a powerful combination of asana and vision exercises.


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