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Introduction to Ayurveda

with Joanie
Thursdays, starting September 24th
7:30 PM
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Foundations of Vinyasa
with Julia

Starting October 25th, 3:30 PM
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Peter Sterios Returns to Balanced Yoga

October 19th - 25th
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  • Balanced Yoga Studios is the premier yoga studio in Columbus, Ohio, offering over 70 yoga classes each week.  Our goal is to create an environment that fosters health and well-being.  Because we value the individual needs of every student, we offer a wide variety of stylistic approaches to the practice of yoga. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, come as you are, with an open mind, ready to experience all that yoga has to offer.

    Balanced Yoga University is a Yoga Alliance RYS 200 Professional Training Program.  Our graduates leave the program as highly trained, professional yoga teachers who have cultivated their own teaching style based on their unique experience of yoga.  Whether you wish to become a yoga teacher or simply deepen your understanding of the practice, our program has something for you.

    We invite you to experience yoga:  your body.  your mind.  your life.  balanced.


  • At Balanced Yoga, our wish is to create a haven where teachers and students can make practicing yoga part of their everyday life. Every member of our staff is committed to providing inspiration for happier and healthier lives through the practice of yoga. We can help you with your questions about the best place to start and we can help you create a plan that meets your needs and practice. We all come to yoga for various reasons – there is no expectation that you have previous skill, knowledge, or a spiritual goal. Our purpose is to create an environment that is welcoming and encouraging. If you should develop interest in a deeper study of yoga philosophy, we can guide you through our offerings. If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend (but don't require) that you take our Yoga Foundations class. If you are still unsure or have further questions, please visit or contact us.
  • Our Upcoming Workshops and Events

    Free POGA at Goodale Park 6:30 PM // Join our Baptiste instructors Nicole Klasa and Greg Fisher for free POGA at Goodale Park, hosted by lululemon athletica Columbus. read more
    Free Flow Columbus 9AM - 11AM // Flow through Saturday morning with several of Columbus' best yoga instructors from Yoga on High, Thank Yoga and corepower yoga. Outdoor class begins at 9:30 a.m. followed by a sampling of healthy breakfast items, courtesy of Whole Foods. read more
    Intro to Journey Into Power 2:00 - 4:30 PM // Love those sweaty Baptiste classes at Balanced Yoga? Are you ready to learn more about the world of Baptiste yoga and all of the possibilities? If not now, WHEN? Join us for a workshop designed to introduce you to the Journey Into Power sequence. Led by Leah Westwater and Angela Bompiani. read more
    Introduction to Ayurveda 7:30 - 8:45 PM // An introduction to the Doshas (personal constitutions) will be explored as well as healthier lifestyle routines that help us return to wholeness. read more
    Writers Workshop: Authentic Practice, Authentic Voice 1 - 3:30 PM // Find truth in self-expression through yoga. Explore the connection between yoga, breath, mindfulness, and voice. We will discover how body awareness is the key to finding your own deep writing and facing the fears that hinder it. read more
    Peter Sterios Gravity & Grace 5 Day Immersion Monday-Friday, 6 - 8 AM // A special weeklong class that introduces the element of Levity into the simple principles of Gravity & Grace, in a progressive 5-day practice that will reactivate the way you see your practice and it’s connection to your life. read more
    Peter Sterios Gravity & Grace Weekend Workshop Individual sessions or for the entire weekend of GRAVITY & GRACE: Tools to Rewire the Subtle Body. In this unique program, the elements of Gravity (physical attraction) and Grace (non-physical attraction) will be explored to strengthen the intuitive parts of your mind for building more intelligence into your practice. read more
    Peter Sterios Gravity & Grace Masterclass 9AM - 1PM // In this comprehensive course, learn how to recognize common blockages in the mental and physical bodies, and with direct experience, learn subtle techniques for assessing and awakening the necessary energy within for safer, more enlightened poses. read more
    Yoga Foundations: Exploring the possibilities of a Vinyasa yoga practice Mondays, 7:30 - 9:00 PM // Learn the essential concepts and foundations of a yoga practice and the components for fundamental yoga postures. The workshop will include such things as breathing techniques, use of props, guided relaxation, and proper asana alignment and movement. read more
    An Ashtanga Weekend with Matthew Darling Friday-Sunday // Ashtanga Weekend Intensive with Matthew Darling. read more
    Infinite Possibility: Yoga Nidra Mondays, 7:30 PM // Move toward healing, peace, bliss, and harmony using yoga nidra, guided imagery, progressive relaxation and antar mouna meditation. read more

Upcoming Events

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